Online Video Saver to Download YT Videos

An Online Video Saver is helpful when you save YouTube videos on your PC, laptop, or mobile. You are at liberty to use Online Video Saver to download or save videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram without any hectic process. So, what are you waiting for! Download YT Videos with Online Video Saver in multiple formats (Mp4, Mp3, 3GP) and high quality (720p, 1080p, 2K, & 4K) for free.

The Quickest & the easiest method to download YouTube Videos online is to use Online Video Saver. Download Videos & Audios of 100 websites with this ultimate online video downloader.

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Note: download of any Copyright content and Music videos is restricted.

Download Videos with Ease!

Downloading videos using our tool is super simple and easy. Here’s how:

1. Copy Video’s Link

Go to the video which you wish to download and then copy its link.

2. Paste Video’s Link

Now paste the copied link into the search bar at the top of this page, then press the Download button.

3. Download Video

A list of all the available download options is displayed. Right-click on a download button and choose the Save options to download the video.

Features of our Online Video Saver


100% Free Tool

Unlimited free downloads and conversions

Simple, Secure & Fast

Download process is very simple, secure and fast

Unlimited Video Download

No limitations! Download videos as much as you want


Online Video Saver

Virtual identity means online presence. And in this modern age, we all have online social accounts belongs to different social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Daily we spend hours scrolling the audios and videos on social media. We visit Facebook profiles to share funny or informative kinds of stuff without friends. We explore YouTube to watch movies, songs, and other videos of our interest.

Most of the time, users wish to download these videos to watch later without having an internet connection. We all want such amazing videos out of the social media and store them in local mobile or PC memory. Well, this is possible now! Copy the video URL and paste it in the search bar available on this website & hit the Download button.

With this tool, you will be able to download videos in multiple formats and qualities. With this fantastic & appealing web tool,
you will be able to do:

Save YouTube Videos

Capable of downloading & Saving YT Videos Online without much of the stress.

1080p YouTube Video Downloader

This online web tool allows the users to download & save the videos in multiple formats, including 1080p. It is really worthy of bookmarking it.

2K & 4K YouTube Video Downloader

High definition YouTube Videos, including 2K & 4K YouTube videos, can easily download and save in your devices with extreme ease. Just copy and paste the URL link of the video.

How to Save Online Videos?

You are living in an era of technology! And day by day, the technology is evolving. Apps and platforms are developing by keeping in view the user-friendliness. So, as this Online Video Saver. It is super easy to operate and download YouTube Videos. Even though if it is your first time with it, you can easily navigate between different features.

Follow the steps mentioned below to download YouTube Videos Online.

  1. Copy the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of the YouTube Video.
  2. Insert the Copied Link/URL into the search box of video Saver & hit “Enter” or click “Go.”
  3. Now, you need to select the format & quality of video & have to hit, tap, or click on “Download” to save the video online.

Features of Online Video Saver

Downloading YT Videos has never been so easy before.Big Thanks to this web tool! Everyone on the internet can now easily download the videos from multiple platforms, especially YT Videos. There are several online video downloaders available over the internet, but why you should prefer this web tool. Well, there are several reasons. Some of them are!

  • Download & Save Unlimited YT Videos.
  • No Registration is required to download YT Videos.
  • Download & Save YouTube Videos in multiple qualities like 1080p, 2K, & 4K.
  • Download & Save YouTube Videos in multiple formats like Mp3, Mp4, 3Gpp, and others.
  • Unlimited conversions & downloads.
  • Capable of downloading Videos from multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and others.
  • Highly compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, & Windows.
  • Premium Features include Searching of YouTube Videos & capable of downloading the YouTube playlist with just a single click.

Download 1080p YouTube Videos

With this ultimate Online Video Saver, you can download YouTube Videos in multiple qualities and formats including 1080p. All you need to follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. Copy the URL of the YT video 1080p that you wish to download.
  2. Paste the URL in this online Web tool & hit “Go.”
  3. Select the format “1080p” Quality & hit “Download” YouTube Videos Online.

Free YouTube Video Downloader

Who is not familiar with YouTube? It is one of the biggest Video hosting platforms where you can watch, download, and share videos with anyone. While watching a video, you most of the time people want to download to watch later. But unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t support downloading videos. That is why you need to download it from a third-party web tool.

The sole purpose of this Online Video Saver is to allow the YouTube Users to download & Save any video that wants into their device quickly and without much of the efforts.

By using this Online YouTube Video Downloader, you can download & save unlimited YouTube Videos & can watch later without having an internet connection. Watch later feature is beneficial when you are traveling, especially when you don’t have an internet connection.

This ultimate Free YouTube Video Downloader supports a vast range of video hosting websites & social media platforms, including.

  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • V-Live.
  • Many others

Moreover, you can easily use it on any device like Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, & Mac. So, what are you waiting for? Rush now & enjoy the premium version of YouTube Video Downloader Online Free to download Unlimited YouTube Videos.

Supported Websites to Download Videos Online

As mentioned earlier, the tool is very versatile in nature. Support the 100s of websites to download videos online free. But among these 100s here we would like to mention some of these! Let’s have a quick look at them one by one.

online video saver

For all the above-mentioned platforms, all you need is a Video Link to download Video successfully. 

Is it Lawful to Download Videos Online?

Whenever things come to downloading, the concern of legality pops up. Just like a coin, this case also has two faces. Download videos from social media platforms and other video hosting websites can be both legal & illegal. Let’s consider both of them!

It is 100% legal as long as you are just downloading the videos for self-entertainment. As long as you want to watch the video later while having no internet connection, there is no illegal.But it is 100% illegal when you start thinking about using commercially someone else’s content in terms of videos or music. You can have a copyright strike from the owner.

Online Video Saver doesn’t support any illegality. And we don’t recommend people to use other content commercially with any intent.

Enjoy the best free online YT Video Downloader unlimited! You can download unlimited videos for eLearning, download video lectures online, and anything else you want for free.

Frequently Ask Questions

⭐ Can you download a YouTube video to watch offline?

Yes, the Online Video Saver has been specially designed to download YouTube Videos Free to watch offline when you don’t have a working internet connection.

⭐ How to Download YouTube Videos Online?

  1. Copy the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of the YouTube Video.
  2. Insert the Copied Link/URL into the search box of video Saver & hit “Enter” or click “Go.”
  3. Now, you need to select the format & quality of video & have to run, tap, or click on “Download” to save the video online.

⭐ Is it OK to download videos from YouTube?

It is 100% legal as long as you are just downloading the videos for self-entertainment and to watch later offline.